Une église réformée protestante au centre-ville de Strasbourg, membre de l’UEPAL




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vendredi 2 janvier 2009

Le Bouclier wishes to be, above all, a lively Reformed parish. As heir to the first Reformed community founded by Jean Calvin, "Le Bouclier" (The Shield, named after the name of the street) is made up of 1,200 members and accompanied by two pastors.

"Le Bouclier" seeks to offer sharing and communion in an open-minded way so that parishioners and their friends may live through their spiritual questions together in the light of the Gospel. Today, all age groups are equally represented with, as a consequence, very active young people.

We offer a church service every Sunday which is sometimes followed by lunch. There are activities for all ranging from a group of young parents, a choir, "les doigts agiles" (nimble fingers), "les causeries du jeudi" (Thursday afternoon chats), evening meals, Bible studies, adult catechism and long walks which take place at different periods of the year.